Even though Co-curricular Activities fall outside the realm of academics, they form an integral part of the curriculum. It has always nurtured and supported academics. Apart from developing the psychomotor domain, student-centric activities always cater to the need for mental tranquility, socializing as well a pragmatic approach to academics. Fields like Art and Craft, Theatrics, Public Speaking, and Music and Dance assist in the formation of character and attitude.

At our School, we settle for student-initiated activities that encompass everything possible under the sun. The range of activities offered include

Art and Craft

The vibrancy of the colors and the intricate and minute evolvement of creative initiatives seem to paint the wall of the Art Gallery. Students throng the very premises of the Art Gallery to relish upon the feast of colors and patterns. Inter House and Intra House activities are a common sight every Wednesday.

Music and Dance- Nothing soothes the weary soul more than music and nothing inspires the soul greater than music. The faculty entrusted with the sublimity of music and dance has always managed to inspire a few souls to produce Musicians and Dancers, lime lighted at every event. Apart from the School activities the students have also held the school flag high at different Inter-School events as well as Inter School Events at both state and national levels.

Theatrics and Public Speaking- Regular activities like Extempore, Speech, Debate, One-act plays, etc have added to the grandeur of multi Lingual character of the schools. The Language Dept remains at its toes to sharpen the oratory and acting skills of the students. These activities have also rendered in the development of presentation skills.